Pokémon Go VR and trading features might be coming with the next update: Reports

August 30, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Exciting new features like trading and new items expected to arrive with the next Pokemon GO update

Pokémon Go is still very much a new game. There have been several updates for the game so far but all they did was fix a few bugs here and there and make a few improvements. It’s still pretty much the same game. If you’ve been playing Pokémon Go since the very beginning then you know it’s starting to seem a bit like a chore now. The only thing keeping people playing is the promise of features to come by Niantic, which are yet to be fulfilled. But it looks like we’ll be seeing a few of those promised features and maybe even Pokémon Go VR in the next update.

Pokémon Go VR

Users have dug into the Pokémon Go code and have discovered several hints and references which show that Niantic is laying the groundwork for several new features. This is in addition to trade feature which is already confirmed. Additionally, it looks like the users found references to new items and other tidbits as well. Furthermore, it looks like Legendary Pokemon are also on the way. In the code, a new placeholder called “activity_catch_legend_pokemon” was found. You can try and guess for yourselves what that could possibly mean.

Pokémon Go VR

We already know trading is coming since there are several lines of code referencing it. So far there have been many guesses as to how trading would actually work, but in the code we can see 4 main options, which are “Trade_search”, “Trade_offer”, “Trade_response”, and “Trade_result.” So it looks like you may actually be able to search for the Pokemon you’re looking for and be able to put your own Pokemon up for trade. We still don’t know yet if distance or location will affect this or not.

We may possibly be seeing new types of incenses introduced into the game, which would be based on specific Pokemon types. Code like “item_incense_spicy/cool/floral” were found which could be useful for people who can’t travel too far for different types of Pokemon. There’s also code for new types of berries which can affect the rate of capture depending on variables like time of the day and trainer level.

There’s also a new “buddy” system of sorts, where players can assign a Pokemon in the game to follow their avatar around. The buddy will follow you and collect candies to evolve. It will hopefully make evolving some Pokemon less of a chore.

Lastly, a new Pokémon Go VR folder was found in the game’s code, with references to Google CardBoard. So it looks like playing Pokémon Go VR and not just AR might be a thing soon, but uhh, we’re not sure if that’s a safe approach to this particular game. Well, time will tell.



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