Pokemon Go gets Heatran, new Pokemon this winter

December 20, 2018 — by Nikhil "Nagobai" Nagvekar0

Pokemon Go is coming up with a host of new Pokemon this Christmas which includes a legendary Fire and Steel-type Pokemon, Heatran.

Game maker Niantic recently announced a new legendary Fire and Steel-type Lava Dome Pokemon, Heatran in their latest tweet. The Pokemon will be rolled out as a raid boss from December 18, 2:30 am IST to Jan 15, 2:30 am IST next year. For starters, raid battles need to be fought by a group of players to defeat a boss Pokemon to increase the chances of catching the rare creature.

Pokemon Go

Niantic has also announced the return of delivery Pokemon Delibird, some Ice-type Pokemon including some new species will also be more commonly available until 2nd Jan. Also, Pokemon from the Sinnoh region will start showing up around the world from December 18 to January 2.

Since it’s Christmas, other Pokemon will also be noticed getting into festivities such as a Pikachu wearing a festive hat.

If all this wasn’t enough, players will also get bonuses which include getting double candies for catching and transferring Pokemon between December 18 to 22, double stardust when catching a Pokemon between December 22 to 26, double experience points when catching a Pokemon from Dec 26 to 30, egg incubators will be doubly effective from December 30 to January 2, 2019 and lastly everyone will receive one Incubator daily when they spin their first PokéStop PhotoDisc of the day. These incubators will be handy since even more Pokemon will be available in 7 km Eggs (the eggs which are obtained for a limited time by opening gifts from friends). Moreover, during the event, all players will be more likely to find those Pokemon in 7 km Eggs than they normally would be.



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