Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds desert map is live

December 8, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

If you’ve been following Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, then you will most likely know that we were expecting a good look at the new desert map heading to the game during this year’s Game Awards. If you’ve been following the Game Awards, then you know that we’ve gotten a lot more than just a good look.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG corporation, the devs in-charge of PUBG have finally revealed the date on which Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will finally leave early access and hit that version 1.0. And that day is December 20. Prior to this, all we knew was that the PUBG Xbox One preview was on December 12, which is still a few days away. But hey, at least our Xbox friends (even though they’re peasants) will be able to enjoy some PUBG goodness.

Now for the desert map, the map is already live on the PUBG test server as of today and we’ve checked it out. It’s pretty damn big. It’s technically the same size as the usual map, but since it’s not surrounded by water on all sides, there’s significantly more area to cover on foot or via vehicle. Speaking of which, even the vehicles have received an overhaul of sorts. There’s a lot of new things happening in PUBG, so if you stopped playing recently or are looking to get into the game, now might be a good time to do it. New guns, new terrain, it’s a new game! (of sorts, not really) We don’t know if the price will go up after the game is officially out, so might as well get it now while it’s still Rs. 999.



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