Everything at the PC Gaming Show E3 2018

June 12, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0



Everything at the PC Gaming Show E3 2018

June 12, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The PC Gaming Show has been a recurring segment at E3 for a few years now, dedicated to PC gaming. Plenty of new games coming our way, some quite exciting and some interesting enough to warrant checking out and keeping an eye on. Anyway, let’s get right to everything the PC Gaming Show E3 2018 had to offer!


The show opened with a pretty neat looking game called Satisfactory by indie developer Coffee Stain Studios, and would be the first of many indie titles to be showcased during the show. It’s game that’s all about building your own factory from scratch on weird planets. We get that the premise sounds silly here, but the game does look fun, especially if you’re into those kind of games.

Neo Cab

Satisfactory was followed up by Neo Cab, a taxi game. But it’s not quite what you’re thinking if the first thing that popped into your mind was something like crazy taxi; it appears to be more of an investigative game.

Mavericks Proving Grounds

Of course, there would be battle royale games, how could there not? The first one to appear on the PC Gaming Show E3 2018 would be Mavericks Proving Grounds. What does this offer to the battle royale genre that the other options currently don’t? 1000 player battle royales.

Star Control Origins

Star Control Origins is an open universe ARPG, where you’ll be able to visit different stars systems, planets, etc. There’s an infinite universe to explore with different aliens and such which actively go about their own business, even if you don’t come across them. Hmm, where have we heard that before. Be wiser this time and wait for the game to come out first. Regardless, the game is promising a lot. You will be able to create your own ships, galaxies etc. Modding support. Multiplayer support. Expected release date is Sept 20, 2018.

Hunt Showdown

Crytek Hunt Showdown’s new content teaser was also showcased at the PC Gaming Show E3 2018. The game was first showcased in E3 last year.

Archangel: Hellfire

Releasing on July 17, Archangel: Hellfire is VR PvP mech game that looks chaotic and fun. If you’ve got a decent VR headset lying around, keep an eye on this one.

The Sinking City

The Sinking City is an open world action investigation game set in a lovecraftian world. The core of the game will be investigation. The game also has a sanity mechanic, where the protagonist can start hallucinating. Worth looking into if you’re into horror.


We got to see an exclusive teaser trailer for The Sacrifice, the latest in Warframe’s cinematic questline.


SEGA is working on bringing a lot of its older games to PC. This year at the PC Gaming Show E3 2018, they showcased a lot of their older titles which are headed to and already are on PC, such as Bayonetta, and Shinning Resonance.

Other titles to look out for included:

  • Valkyria chronicles 4, this is a popular franchise from the publisher, at least in Japan, and is worth looking into. The first game in the franchise has already been ported to PC.
  • Yakuza 0 is FINALLY coming to PC. Pretty hyped about this one.

Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor 2 has four major updates coming up. It will feature a new weapons system, with the ability to upgrade and more.

We hope we’re not the only ones getting Borderlands 2 vibes, well, more like Hammerlock vibes.

Tripwire also announced that they’re going to start publishing games. Starting with publishing Road Redemption, the Road Rash remaster.

Next from Tripwire and Blindside we had the exclusive reveal for Man-Eater.

You play as a shark. There’s a shark skill tree, there’s a single player campaign. We’re already sold.

Jurassic World Evolution

The trailer is clearly being narrated by the man himself, Jeff Goldblum. It’s looking pretty good so far.

Untitled Publisher

Untitled publisher (that’s their actual name) announced and teased three games, one of which is releasing right away. You had the exclusive teaser for Bravery Network which gave off some serious Scott Pilgrim vibes. Followed by Morning star, a horror farming simulator from the looks of it. Yep. And finally, Overwhelm, a fast paced side-scrolling action game. Of the three, Overwhelm is available on Steam right now. You can watch the trailers for the above here.

Stormland VR

Insomniac game showcased their open world VR game Stormland, which is starting to look pretty damn good. The world is supposedly ever-changing, and goes through a change every week, meaning players should technically always experience new environments every week.


More @ the PC Gaming show E3 2018:

  • World exclusive teaser for Night Call, another indie taxi game with interesting visuals.

  • Teaser for Sable, from the same developer as Night Call. Again, very unique aesthetic, but different from Night Call. This game is already available.
  • Star Citizen has been on the PC Gaming Show since the very first one, and it’s still not out.

  • Genesis Alpha One
  • Don’t Starve Hamlet – sequel to the hit game Don’t Starve Together.

  • Overkill’s Walking Dead and Telltale’s Walking Dead both made an appearance.
  • Noita, a game where every pixel is simulated.

  • Two Point Hospital – A hilarious simulator game that we’re definitely going to keep an eye on.
  • HiRez Realm Royale – The second Battle Royale game on the show, a class based Battle Royale where you can upgrade and forge new and better weapons with class based abilities.
  • Ooblets – An adorable pokemon(ish) combat game featuring cutesy animal-things.

  • Anno 1800
  • Rapture Rejects Battle Royale – This was unexpected, and a very pleasant surprise, and we want it NOW.
  • Hitman 2 – sequel to the hit episodic Hitman series, Hitman looks to give the players even MORE options in ways they can handle contracts, so you’ll keep going back for more.

Well, that just about covers everything we saw at this year’s PC Gaming Show E3 2018, let us know if we missed anything, or if a game you were looking forward to didn’t show up. Follow this space for more on E3. Check out our Sony coverage here, Ubisoft here, and Square Enix here.



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