Paradox Interactive engine upgrade will make modding games easier

October 15, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Paradox Interactive, well known for their grand strategy titles such as Europa Universalis, Stellaris, Crusader King II, Cities: Skylines and more are taking steps towards making it easier to mod future games they publish.


Thanks to an upgrade to the engine the developer uses, Paradox’s future grand strategy games should be much easier to mod.

As told to Venturebeat, Wordsworth said that they’re upgrading their Clausewitz engine, which is now ten years old. In doing so, they’re also going to provide far more tools for modders, making it easier for them to be able to create custom UIs, overhaul mods and more.

The upgraded engine, or rather, the next version of the engine will still use Clausewits to make the games, but there will be an additional software called Jomini, which will allow Paradox to create new tools which will make life easier for both developers and modders when it comes to top-down games.

Wordsworth adds that modders are constantly asking them why they didn’t provide tools for their games, the answer was simply that they didn’t have any. That’s what they’re aiming to change, and they’ve already got tools engineers on the team and are planning to get more to build tools moving forward.

Wordsworth says they want to put to much as power as they can into the hands of the mooders, they should have the freedom to make the content they want without needing help from coders.

The new tools should be accessible by modders soon, unless “someone from legal comes in with a big hammer and says I can’t”. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.



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