An Overwatch server browser is on the way

February 8, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The Overwatch server browser will list custom games in every region and allow players to start their own public or private game servers.

If you’ve been following Overwatch developer updates, then you know there’s an Overwatch server browser on the way. As game director Jeff Kaplan explained in the latest developer update video, the server browser will list all the custom games currently running in each region. The server browser will also include “all sorts of sorting and filtering options to help you find exactly what kind of game you’re looking for.” In addition to that players will now be able to start their own private or public game servers with their own unique settings and game types or modes.

Overwatch is getting a server browser a good nine months after releasing. Most current gen multiplayer games have done away with the trend of server browsers entirely. They have instead embraced the matchmaking system in order to pair players by skill, ping or proximity. Even in the video, Kaplan says that, “the majority of our players like to play the game through Quick Play and Competitive.”

Overwatch server browser

However, he goes on to add that, “there are a lot of times where players want to try different things, and play the game in different ways, and it’s not really viable for us to put up a matchmaking system where we can feed everybody into everybody’s different possible custom games.”

This isn’t the first time Kaplan has mentioned a server browser for Overwatch though, he mentioned the possibility of one back in June last year in a rather lengthy post on the Blizzard forums.

There was a time when server browsers were standard fare in most games, and many of the older gamers might actually find it a bit odd that they aren’t there in most games today. Why would you give up on the ability to control where and whom you’re playing with?

The Overwatch server browser is active on the PTR (Public Test Realm), so you’ll have to wait a while before it’s live.



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