Overwatch Banwave Strikes Again, Thanks Blizzard!

August 2, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

It came as no surprise when there was another Overwatch banwave from Blizzard that swept the realm of their latest video game over the weekend.

We’re all familiar with how Blizzard is about cheaters and those who use cheat programs and such. There’s no warning, it’s just the ban. You get hit in the face with the ban hammer and there’s no coming back. This is the second Overwatch banwave since the game has released. Reports say that some have even bought Overwatch again and tried making new accounts only to be banned again. Blizzard really doesn’t want anyone cheating or using any form of cheat program in Overwatch or any of their games. Of course as is the case with bans, it was followed up with a slew of insults, curses and even some declarations of war directed towards Blizzard.

Overwatch Banwave

Some claimed to be associated with Anonymous, claiming that Blizzard had made “a powerful enemy …”. And it was all pretty ominous till someone asked them if they had a Skype and if they could join Anonymous. Hmm.

Overwatch Banwave

Others wanted Blizzard to lighten up, “It’s 2016 Blizzard, cheating happens”. Maybe you shouldn’t have cheated after spending extra by pre-ordering Overwatch.

Overwatch Banwave

There’s a handful of people who want to sue Blizzard as well, for the “unfair ban”. Their biggest issue being that Blizzard is banning people who paid money for their game. Uhh, maybe you shouldn’t have cheated? I mean the guys at Blizzard obviously hate cheaters and cheat program makers.

Overwatch Banwave

All the sorry sods who got banned took to the Ownedcore forums to cry about their bans. They were asked to do so in a thread literally called “CRY about your bans here”, and nowhere else. Pretty sure the guys at Ownedcore didn’t want them QQing all over the place. We’re not kidding, you can check these comments out yourself here. We checked some of these out ourselves and frankly, some of them are quite hilarious and very entertaining.

So we not only get to enjoy a cleaner, cheater-free game thanks to the Overwatch banwave, we also get to bathe in their tears. Fun times.



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