Novaplay to offer 30 percent cashback at its Lock-n-Load Sale

October 20, 2016 — by Skoar Harbinger0 is back with its second edition of the NovaPlay Lock-n-Load sale where the website will be offering flat 30% cashback on all products on its website in the form of NovaCoin in the customers NovaWallet. During the sale, CS:GO, the famous game listed on the website will cost the purchaser Rs. 199 on which he will also be eligible for 30% cashback, reducing the cost of the game to Rs. 139.

You can read the full press release below:

NovaPlay returns with 2nd Edition of NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale


New Delhi 19th October, 2016: NovaPlay, India’s leading platform for multiplayer gaming communities today announced the second edition of the NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale for Diwali. The first edition of the sale was organized during Independence Day in which the company saw an increase of over 7 times in traffic, and over 4 times in average sales. Looking at this enormous response, the company has launched its second sale from 21st to 24th October. NovaPlay aims to use this opportunity to expand its user base and reach out to even more gamers in India

During this sale, gamers will be offered flat 30% cashback across all products on the Nova Store. The cash back will be credited in the form of NovaCoins to the purchasing customer’s NovaWallet by 31st October 2016. Special offers would also be available on Steam Wallet Keys and CS: GO.

Commenting on the launch of the second sale, Mr. Amitesh Rao, Chief Executive Officer, NovaPlay said, “The first edition of the  Lock n Load Sale was an unprecedented success and buoyed by the response from the fast growing gaming community in India, we are happy to announce the second edition for the upcoming festive season. Through this sale we want to give one more reason to gamers to rejoice the festive period.”

He further added, “At NovaPlay, our vision is to deliver the best possible experience to multiplayer gamers through various initiatives, and  this sale is another step in this direction.”

The website currently offers popular game titles on their website at best prices in the country. The company aims to provide a platform for the gaming community to engage, discover games and content, and participate in tournaments and events.

Following are a few of the deals running during the NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale:

Lead Titles Street Price NovaPlay Price Cashback (%) Effective Price
Steam Wallet : INR 150 150 150 30% 105
Steam Wallet : INR 250 250 250 30% 175
Steam Wallet Bundle 1 450 450 30% 315
Steam Wallet Bundle 2 500 500 30% 350
Steam Wallet Bundle 3 750 750 30% 525
CS:GO 499 199 30% 139



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