Nintendo Switch hacked at German hacking conference

January 8, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Nintendo’s hit console, the Nintendo Switch was clearly ‘console of the year’ 2017. Unfortunately, it has been hacked, which means we could see unofficial “homebrew” software on the Switch, and worse, pirated games.

Nintendo Switch Hacked

The hack was observed during a hacking conference in Germany where a team took advantage of the Switch’s Nvidia Tegra chip. They used a feature used by Nvidia’s own engineers and developers which basically gave them deep-level access to the chipset’s functionality.

The hack involved making sure the Switch stayed at firmware version 3.0. So in order to avoid further updates, you would have to keep your console offline. How to get to firmware 3.0 while offline? The hackers managed this by using a physical copy of Pokken Tournament DX, which has Firmware version 3.0 on-board. A video which explained the specifics of the hack was made but was (understandably) removed.

Nintendo has historically had a problem with such hacks with their other consoles as well, especially in the hand-held department. Consoles like the Gameboy and DS are the first that come to mind. So this is clearly not good news for Nintendo, but we’re sure they’ll be quick to patch the flaw and possible double down on security with future firmware upgrades.

It’s unlikely that too many people here (in India) have the Nintendo Switch, since they haven’t yet officially brought the console here, or many of their older consoles for that matter. But regardless, we’d advise against tampering with your Switch, if you have one. Doing so will void its warranty, so you won’t have Nintendo’s support should you need it if something goes wrong.

It should also be kept in mind that non-Nintendo software will most likely not run at optimum on the Switch. We shouldn’t even need to tell you about piracy. Despite how rampant it is over here, avoid doing it.



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