Nintendo shares rise, then fall, due to confused investors

July 28, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Now for those of you who are hip and up to date with the current trends you probably know about or play Pokémon Go. For those of you who aren’t, you probably follow the news, so you’re bound to have heard about it from somewhere the other, maybe one of your hip friends told you about it. Wait, do people still use hip? Is hip still a thing? Err, anyway, moving on.

Pokémon Go

So since almost everyone has noticed how big Pokémon Go is – unless you live in some cave or under some rock that is, which would make sense since you’d have to actually leave the confines of your cave if you played the game – it’s no surprise that investors and the likes have noticed the game as well. Now anyone who’s anyone knows that Pokémon belongs to Nintendo. So that recent news you heard or saw about Nintendo’s stocks rising and being the highest it has since 1983 is well , all thanks to Pokémon Go. Which investors thought belonged to Nintendo. The keyword here being thought. After Nintendo themselves told investors that Pokémon Go did not, we repeat, did not belong to them, but to Niantic, well what followed next was expected. Nintendo’s stocks dropped. They dropped a good 5.1 billion yen, which is about 49 million USD, as of the most recent quarter ending.

Now mind you Nintendo doesn’t really have to worry too much about that. They’ve got heaps of other IPs they can use to skyrocket their stocks. The Nintendo NX for example. Furthermore, since Pokémon Go has done as well as it has, Nintendo now knows that the app market has great potential for their stuff, so they’ll definitely be working on more stuff for that market. Things are only looking up for Nintendo from here on out, despite the down that just happened.



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