Nintendo might release a smaller and cheaper Switch console

February 4, 2019 — by Nikhil "Nagobai" Nagvekar0

According to Japanese Business Daily, Nikkei, Nintendo is developing a smaller and more portable version of its Switch console.

Nintendo Switch Mini

The Japanese Business Daily, Nikkei, claims that Nintendo is reaching a critical point and was lacking 20% behind their annual target sales volume of 17 million. The company, therefore, is coming up with a smaller and cheaper version of the Switch console in order to boost their sales. The rumoured Switch will focus on portability as its main aspect and strip off some features to bring the price down. However, it isn’t yet known which features will be removed.

The Nikkei report also states that Nintendo is in talks with multiple suppliers and game developers informing them that they intend to release the console as early as possible in 2019. The report additionally claims that Nintendo will be strengthening its monthly paid service, Nintendo Switch Online, which was launched last September.

That being said, if the Switch is to be made cheaper and more portable for outdoor use then removing the console dock and cartridge slot would be a great option as Nintendo places more emphasis on downloadable content and its new online service. A console with lower performing internal hardware can also be the case but that would require a whole new set of game ports to the new console.

That being said, the new cheaper console would definitely bring the console experience to more consumers who were previously discouraged to buy the hefty-priced Nintendo Switch owing to its INR 30K price tag.

Source: The Verge



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