The next Call of Duty is Black Ops IIII. Not IV.

March 7, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The next Call of Duty game will be Black Ops IV. Only it’ll be Black Ops IIII not IV.

Black Ops IIII

Rumours have been floating about for a while now about the next Call of Duty, but the news was (kind of) confirmed from the unlikeliest of sources, NBA star James Harden (a.k.a The Beard). On the way to his game against Oklahoma City Thunder, Harden was dressed up in full camo (not actual camo, but like a sports outfit version?), a cap and a headset. On the cap was what appeared to be the Black Ops III logo, only, there was an extra I on there.

The roman numeral for 4 is usually IV so it was being debated whether that actually was the Black Ops 4 logo but sources close with the game’s development have confirmed that it is indeed Black Ops 4’s logo. Or uh, Black Ops IIII.

Black Ops IIII
The Original Black Ops III logo

The move is a bit surprising considering they had just gone back to World War II with their previous title, which was a brave move in itself. Maybe coming back to Black Ops is even braver? We don’t know.

Meanwhile, Battlefield is moving on to World War 2 after Battlefield 1 – which was focused on WW1 – and are calling it Battlefield V, because screw naming conventions, right.



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