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New features for the Xbox Creators Update coming to Insiders

January 25, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

New Xbox Creators Update features have begun rolling out for select members of the Xbox Insider Program and will continue to roll out over the coming weeks

The first wave of the new Xbox One features that are part of the Xbox Creators Update have begun shipping out to select Xbox Insider Program members. The Creators Update will supposedly be packed full of new features for gamers who play across the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. These are also, again, supposedly, only the first of many features that are soon to come. While only select members of the Xbox Insider Program have access to these new features, the rest of the Insider Program should receive the features within the coming week.

The Xbox Creators Update about, “performance, people, competition and streaming – getting you to the things you care about most as quickly as possible”. It guarantees a faster Xbox One experience.

Here are some of the features Xbox Insiders got access to as part of the Creators Update

Xbox Creators Update

An updated Home: The Home screen has a new look, after feedback from gamers about the UI being complex at times, the new UI’s aim is to be as simple as possible while at the same time increasing the overall performance. The game you’re currently playing will now have a smaller icon. You’ll also have options to open your Game Hub, mingle with your Club and LFG in the game you’re playing.

Xbox Creators Update

Guide is faster, more intuitive: One press of the Xbox button is all you need to pull up the new Guide overlay. You can pull it up at any time, no matter what you’re doing. There’s a new start page with a host of new features which allows you to get to your favourite games and apps, the Home page, Store and more. It’ll also give you access to your media controls when playing background music.

Xbox Creators Update

Changes to multitasking: The aim is to make discovery simple and quick. The new multitasking is designed to work hand-in-hand with the new Guide, allowing for quick access to music, screenshots, and GameDVR. Just a button press away. You can also easily record your games with the press of a button and there’s a new achievement tracker as well.

Xbox Creators Update

An enhanced Cortana: Cortana is getting a series of updates to make her, and in-turn, your Xbox One smarter. You will now be able to set reminders and alarms. Cortana will continue being updated over the coming weeks.

Enabling access for everyone: Consoles are normally used and played on by many, and Xbox knows this. Which is why they’ve included features like Copilot, which allows two controllers to act as if they were one. Allowing experienced players to help newer inexperienced ones. This is just one of the many changes they’re taking in order to increase accessibility.

As we mentioned, this is just the first wave, which are expected to hit most Xbox Insiders within the coming weeks. More Xbox Creators Update features are expected soon, such as Beam, Windows Game Mode, Arena and more. To read about all of the new features that’ve reached Xbox Insiders recently, click here.



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