N64 Classic ‘leaks’ reveal what the console might look like

October 16, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The N64 classic is apparently the next classic mini-console coming to us from Nintendo and it looks like fans have apparently gotten their first look at the console. At this stage, it’s still rumor though, so take the info with a bit of salt.

N64 Classic

The topic first flared up when Nintendo made a European patent for the classic console in 2017.

The Nintendo 64, named at the time for its 64-bit processor, was king of consoles till it was succeeded by the GameCube in 2001. Despite that, the console didn’t go out of popularity for quite a while, and has several games on it that are part of the Video Game Hall of Game. It is still remembered fondly as one of the best consoles ever. Us Indians never actually got a proper taste of the N64 goodness as gaming was not big in the country during the time. But if the N64 classic is actually coming out soon, it might be a good opportunity for those of us who missed out to maybe get a taste of that classic goodness. If they actually make a sufficient number of units this time around.

A Spanish Twitter user by the name of Nacho & Pistacho posted what he claimed were leaked images of the N64 classic from a source that was supposedly close to the company.

The leaked images show a classic old-school design, with the reset button and iconic N64 controller ports. They definitely don’t look photoshopped, and even if the images are photoshopped, it’s a pretty good rendition of what the N64 classic should look like. Regardless, we just need for the official announcement to confirm the info.



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