Develop games for free using Gameblox with MIT EdX’s Introduction to Game Design

April 21, 2016 — by Nikhil "Apathetic" Punjabi0

EdX, in collaboration with MIT, has launched a new course to teach the basics of game design for beginners. The course titled “Introduction to Game Design” will be commencing from April 27 and is a six unit module spread over seven weeks. It would require eight to ten hours of effort time per week, covering from game development concepts to user testing.  

The course is described as “a practical introduction to game design and game design concepts,” that aims to introduce game designs and skills that a game designer would need. The course is targeted at game enthusiast, aspiring game designers and those interested to know the game development process. You do not need any programming knowledge to enrol, but awareness and familiarity about various genres and types of games are highly recommended. +

introduction to game design mit edx gameblox

Participants will be introduced to game design concepts, emphasising the basic tools: paper and digital prototyping, design iteration as well as and user testing. For the course assignments, participants will have to create either a digital game or a physical game. For digital games, the participants will be learning on Gameblox. Developed at MIT STEP Lab, Gameblox is a block-based programming language to allow anyone to create games and is available free for iOS, Android, and PC.

The module will also focus on ways to analyse the mechanics of physical as well as digital games, considering how these mechanics affect gameplay and player experiences. You also learn how to design, develop, and test paper and digital prototype games using an iterative design process along with user feedback. At the end of the course, you will be awarded a certificate with the institution’s logo.

Well, if you love playing games and that is what you are doing this summer vacation, we suggest you to go ahead and give it a look. In case you have an interesting game idea or just want to know how games are designed, checking out this course is a must.  you can also check out our guide to Build your own game using GameMaker Studio.



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