SKOAR! » Marvel and Square Enix assemble to create an Avengers game

Marvel and Square Enix assemble to create an Avengers game

Marvel is making a return to the world of gaming with a new teaser for an Avengers game in a surprising partnership with Square Enix

Marvel and Square Enix have revealed that the two are partnering up to release multiple games. And they’re going to start with an Avengers game, dubbed “The Avengers Project.”


In the teaser trailer we can see a pair of cracked glasses, Mjolnir (that’s Thor’s hammer, it’s pronounced myolneer btw), and one of Iron Man’s gauntlets lying in the muck. It’s all quite gloomy and post-apocalyptic(ish). All of this is accompanied by a grim voice-over. Something along the lines of the world of heroes being over and you’re dangerous if you’re different. But then it ends with a bang, “The world will always need heroes. We just need to reassemble.” If we had to be totally honest, that last bit sent a shiver down our spines.

Avengers game

Of course, the fact that the Avengers game will be developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal definitely helped with that tingly feeling. These two are really good studios, with the former having worked on The Rise of the Tomb Raider and the latter on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Both of those are critically acclaimed and award winning games, meaning our hopes for this game actually being good when it comes out went up a good notch or two.

The partnership between Marvel and Square Enix is a surprising one. Square Enix is usually known for its Final Fantasy titles and mostly caters to JRPGs. However, they’re working with their western developers for this one. With names like these behind the new Avengers game, we might actually see a superhero game that can actually compete with Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series.

Avengers game

One question that was on our minds was ‘when’ the game will occur. We still don’t have a release date or anything, and Infinity War is set to release on May 4, 2018. So will the game be cannon? If yes then how are they going to go about fitting it into the Marvel cinematic universe or will they even? Maybe an alternative timeline? Who knows. The trailer ends with #Reassemble, so we can assume that they’ve split up, so it could be post civil war, but it’s all just speculation at this point. All we can do is wait. They will obviously be working on this alongside the PS4 exclusive Spider Man game that’s coming up this year.

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