Lost Soul Aside, one-man-game rivalling Final Fantasy XV

August 2, 2016 — by Arnab "knidarius" Mukherjee0

Man spends two years to develop gorgeous game inspired by Final Fantasy’s trailer

Games can do wonderful things to our lives, something that many gamers would swear by. For Korean Indie developer Yang Bing, it was Final Fantasy XV’s trailer that inspired him two years ago to start on the journey of developing his own game – Lost Soul Aside. And two years down the line, here’s the end result.

Lost Soul Aside looks absolutely gorgeous and even though it is quite evidently inspired by the Ninja Gaiden series, the game has managed to pique the curiosity of the Internet. The game has been developed on Unreal Engine 4 and according to the developer, most of the assets used were from the market. The developer has also revealed that Lost Soul Aside is quite far from being complete and as of now, he doesn’t know which platforms it will be released on.

Lost Soul Aside

Since the revelation of the game, numerous offers and suggestions have poured in to Yang, including offers to accept money for crowdfunding Lost Soul Aside. The developer has humbly refused the same until he has a plan in place and actually believes that he can finish it.

Lost Soul Aside

Read the Facebook post here, in which he also announced that he has been contacted by Sony and Epic Games, and is considering their offers.

Follow this space for more updates on this, as we’ll be keeping close tabs on the Lost Soul Aside!



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