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Leaked For Honor heroes: Ninja and Centurion might be coming your way

A Reddit post on the For Honor subreddit showcases two leaked For Honor heroes: The Ninja and Centurion along with their possible feats.

Ubisoft had said that it would introduce a pair of new heroes to For Honor for each of the second, third and fourth faction war seasons. It looks like the first two DLC heroes might have leaked online, well ahead of time. According to a post on Reddit, which included the leaked image you can see below, the leaked For Honor heroes include the Ninja and the Centurion.

There’s a lot of placeholder text in these images which make the whole thing feel quite suspicious. But overall if you were to ask us, we’d say it looks quite authentic. If you’ve seen the image for the For Honor season’s pass, you will notice that the two silhouettes at the front look very similar to the two leaked For Honor heroes here. So that helps a bit when it comes to the overall believability of the leak.

leaked For Honor heroes

If you take a gander at the image for the Ninja, you will notice that he’s wielding a pair of kusarigama. Kusarigama is a type of sickle that’s attached to weighted chains. So you can swing them around, and trip people and grab them and whatnot. The chains are wrapped around his bracers in the image, so we can’t tell for sure but the Ninja could be a close-mid range class, if it’s confirmed that is. Other than that you’ll notice the “Stealth” feat which, if you’re familiar with the Peacekeeper, hides your icon and info from the mini-map. It’s good for sneaking and stuff – right up a Ninja’s alley.

leaked For Honor heroes

Next up is the Centurion. You can’t see a weapon in the image so we can only assume here. Traditionally, the Centurion’s carried a gladius (sword), a large tower shield, or a scutum (large spear) instead of the gladius. In most cases, they had both. He’s clearly donned in heavy armor, so it will most likely not be an agile class. The Centurion has the “Bounty Hunter” passive feat equipped, which gives you a boost to health and stamina each time you kill another hero. So we can assume he’s expected to hold and dish out the pain for as long as he can. Which would seem apt for a Centurion.

Both of the new heroes haven’t been listed under any faction. We’d assume the Ninja would belong to the Samurai faction but Ubisoft hasn’t provided any confirmation or details about the leak or the new heroes. For the time being, all we can do is wait.

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