The LawBreakers free weekend is live

September 29, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The LawBreakers free weekend started yesterday, the same time as the CoD WW2 Beta no less, so bold move there. Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers recently released on Steam and while overall reception of the game is positive, it’s struggling to establish a decent player base. So in order to garner a larger player base, a LawBreakers free weekend started yesterday. It will go on until October 2. The game is also 25% off till then.

LawBreakers free

In terms of gameplay, we’d imagine if you’re familiar with games like Overwatch and TF2 you’d have no problems understanding the game. But the gameplay is on a whole different level apparently. It’s much faster paced from what we’ve heard and the whole “gravity-defying combat” slogan is not for show. You’re actually fighting in zero-g. Every class or character has its own means for mobility in zero-g areas. Trailers and gameplay we’ve seen depict some fast-paced action so players of old-school Quake and Doom also have something to pique their curiosity. Either way, if you’re planning to give the game a go, either set your DPI high or get ready for some intense wrist-flicking. And no, not that kind.

We’ve only heard good things so we’re definitely planning to try LawBreakers out when it’s free this weekend. Of course, we’re all big Quake 3 fans here too so it was given. We’d suggest you guys give it a try too, it is free after all, no harm in giving it a try. Unless of course, you’re limited by FUPs. We know that feel. The game is available on Steam for Rs. 1000 but it’s 25% off right now so you can grab it for Rs. 750 if you take a liking to it.

Our only qualm here is that LawBreakers is being published by Nexon, and Nexon is infamous for region locking its games and restricting them to just America and some regions of Europe. The fact that we can still access the LawBreakers page on steam for the time being though means we can play the game right now, but we’d suggest you first confirm for sure that they don’t plan on eventually region-locking their game like they usually do.



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