Just Cause 3’s Gameplay Will Surely Make Michael Bay Proud

June 17, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0



Just Cause 3’s Gameplay Will Surely Make Michael Bay Proud

June 17, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0


Rico Rodriguez is all set to bring in chaos to the new city of Medici in Just Cause 3

Jumping off a plane, seated inside a car and then parachuting off to the ground with an explosion in the background sounds exactly like an action scene from a blockbuster movie. Make this happen in a game and the results become spectacular. Rico Rodriquez is back after 5 years since the previous Just Cause 2, this time in a bigger world, equipped with new gear and explosions so insane that they’re sure to get Michael Bay all teary-eyed. Square Enix gave us a brief glimpse of what to expect at E3 and although we had already seen a trailer few months back, the new footage sums up all the crazy stunts we’ll be able to pull off with Rico, things like surfing on a freakin’ ICBM!

Bigger Map, Better Gadgets

Just Cause 3 sees a huge, 400 square mile open world to explore and do what Rico does best, cause chaos. The game is set in a Mediterranean island called Medici, ruled by an ambitious dictator who aims for global domination. Rico will bring peace to the beautiful land of Medici by any means necessary (even if it means destroying half the city). The grapple hook was indeed an interesting gadget that made you immune to falling to your death since you could just grapple yourself to the ground right before you fall (which really makes sooo much sense). The updated grapple hook is stronger than the one in the previous game so now you can tether helicopters to one another or to any structure or indulge in other similar shenanigans. You will also be able to shoot out multiple grapple tethers that gives you freedom to experiment with utterly nonsensical forms of destruction. During the reveal of the trailer, Avalanche had said that a new parachute was coming and in the gameplay footage, you’ll notice how the parachute manages to keep you stable so as to give you a better platform for dual wielding..The new star of Just Cause 3 however, is the wing suit, which will lets Rico glide through the air.

same gameplay, improved physics

The graphics for Just Cause 3 look really good in the gameplay footage that we experienced. If you have played Just Cause 2, you won’t find it difficult to recognise the design of the structures like the satellite dishes, fuel storage tanks, gas stations, etc. Physics seems to be vastly improved from the previous game, which is a good thing since this game is all about destruction. The game features over 80 land, sea and air vehicles, including Monster Trucks and F1 Cars. You will follow the same path as the previous game, taking over military bases, coming across collectibles, and you liberate the citizens of Medici following the main story line. You can go all out crazy since you will have unlimited C4 which again means only one thing, more chaos. The various challenges such as races, wing suit courses, Crash the Bomb and Destruction Frenzies carry over from the previous game as well. Completing these challenges will give you access to mods and upgrades to enhance Rico’s abilities.

Just Cause 3

The footage also shows an older Tom Sheldon, and a woman who looked fairly similar to Maria Kane, both colleagues of Rico working in the Agency. The gameplay footage was short, but boy are we excited!

Coming to a PC, PS4 and Xbox One near you on December 1st 2015.



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