Invictus Gaming (iG) wins the League of Legends World Championship

November 5, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Invictus Gaming beat Fnatic 3-0 in the League of Legends World Championship to become the first Chinese team ever to win the cup.

League of Legends World Championship

It was quite the upset in the League community, with many believing that it was going to be the other way around, with Fnatic taking the win 3-0. However, there were no doubts in anyone’s mind after iG’s performance, which was phenomenal. (jungler gap, lol)

The championship this year was a series of firsts, with it being the first LCS since the inaugural one where no Korean team made it to the finals. For comparison in context, the previous five League Championships have been won by Korean teams. Another thing of note was that this was the first time a Western team had made it to the finals since Season 1 of the LCS. Fnatic won the very first LCS and made it to the finals this year. Both Fnatic and iG made it to the finals after beating their semi-final opponents 3-0 with relative ease, leaving everyone to believe that the finals would be a close match. It was however, a stomp in favor of iG, with them taking the win 3-0.

NA’s (North America) Cloud 9 and Europe’s G2 Esports were the other two teams that made it to the semi-finals who won a joint third and fourth place.

Fnatic last won the cup in 2011, this was also the last time a European team won the League of Legends World Championship.

If you missed out on the finals, you can watch the entire match above.



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