An Indie Steam bundle you can’t miss!

July 14, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The new and exclusive Indie Legends 4 Bundle is here and boasts some of the best indie game line-ups ever

The Indie steam Bundle includes 8 Steam games for just $3.49 which is just around 200 rupees. You’ll be saving yourselves over a $100, which is roughly 7000 rupees. That’s a discounted price of 97%!

Steam Games

The games included in the Indie Legends bundle aren’t legends for no reason. The 8 games included in the bundle have an overall score of 91% in Steam user reviews which is overwhelmingly positive.

The 8 games included in the Bundle are as follows:

Party Hard by tinyBuild where you need to stop your loud neighbours with anything in your disposal and then some.

Lethal League by Team Reptile, which is a competitive fighter where you get to smash faces with anti-gravity balls.

Viscera Cleanup Detail Complete by RuneStorm where you take up the role of janitor to clean up the mess left behind by an alien invasion.

Door Kickers by KillHouse Games where your job is to rescue hostages as the leader of a skilled SWAT team.

Skullgirls by Autumn Games, an arcade fighter with crazy combos and special moves with both single and multiplayer.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted by Big Robot, an FPS stealth game where you need to escape a robot-infested island.

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition by Digital Lounge, an action platformer game that stands out among other platformers.

And lastly, Reus by Abbey Games where you can create your own planet; with oceans, forests and everything!

This bundle is redeemable on Steam but the only way to get it is from Bundle Stars’ website. So don’t miss your chance and take advantage of this great deal while you can! The offer lasts only till the 27th of July, that’s only two weeks so you better hurry.



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