Tirth “gcttirth” Mehta wins India’s first ever eSports Medal at the Asian Games 2018

September 4, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

A Hearthstone gamer has bagged India’s first ever Bronze Medal in Esports at the Asian Games 2018! The medal was won by Tirth Mehta from Bhuj, Gujarat who goes by the IGN “gcttirth”. The bronze medal was won for Hearthstone, which one one of the six games that were selected for eSports this year at the Asian Games 2018. It was a demonstration sport at the Asian Games, meaning medals won would not contribute to the overall medal count of the country, but regardless, this is a great win. We’d also like to congratulate Karan Manghnani from Jaipur who placed 4th in Clash Royale.

Asian Games 2018

Tirth won the India and South Asian Qualifiers in order to qualify for the main event which took place in Jakarta. He won against both, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in order to get there.

The event took place in a single elimination bracket where a single loss would result in an elimination. Here, Tirth managed to beat Japan to secure his spot in the semi-finals where he eventually lost to Hong Kong. While Hong Kong went on to win gold, Tirth won his third place decider against Vietnam in a close match to bring home the bronze.

As said by Tirth on his Facebook feed, “I would like to thank everyone A LOT for supporting me throughout my journey. And especially my friends from Hearthstone India group and friends who helped me playtest my decks when needed. Wouldn’t have been possible without the support I received from you guys.”

If you’re wondering, here are the decks Tirth used for the Asian games, as shared by him on his Twitter.

Asian Games 2018

Tirth is one of the few gamers in the country who can now actually claim to be an Esports athlete.

“This was definitely a group effort, and the medal belongs not only to me but to the whole gaming community of India <3 Let’s work towards getting that gold in the 2022 Asian Games! I have some plans that I am excited to share in the upcoming days!”

While Hong Kong won the gold, silver was won by Indonesia, the host country.



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