IGX Expo and Playmax Esports Arena 2018 Hyderabad – Day 2

December 4, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

We thought IGX 2018 was over and done with in Mumbai this November, but we were in for a surprise. IGX arrived once again this year, in association with the Playmax Esports Arena, this time coming to Hyderabad. It’s being held during Indiajoy, a digital media entertainment event being hosted by the Telangana government itself.

IGX 2018

This is the fourth, or should we say fifth? Edition of IGX and like we’ve been seeing with every edition of IGX, the scale only gets larger. We saw plenty of booths, most dedicated to gaming, some, to learning game development, and a few that seemed a tad out of place.

Sony Corner

IGX 2018

The first thing you notice as you step into IGX is the huge PlayStation Corner. Of course, it’s decked out with PS4s and gamers are free to try games out, including some of Sony’s latest titles such as Spider-Man and the latest Fifa game. Recent releases such as March’s God of War were also available. Plenty of PlayStation VR games available to try out as well, a good opportunity to find out whether PSVR is for you or not. There’s also a huge screen showcasing recent, and upcoming releases from Sony for the PlayStation 4, it’s quite hard to miss really.

PUBG lovin’

IGX 2018

Bang in the middle of the hall is an AMD stall, where we see a streamer section, here gamers can play with Twitch streamers as they streamed live. While we were there, we saw streamer Ankkita joined by gamers as they tried to “carry” her to a Chicken Dinner in PUBG.

IGX 2018

Speaking of PUBG PC, let’s not forget about PUBG Mobile, with a whole section of the hall dedicated to a PUBG Mobile tournament, with each table having its own outlet box so that players won’t have to worry about losing charge in crucial moments.

Playmax arena

IGX 2018

Next to the PUBG Mobile area, you had the Playmax esports arena, and if the big “G” didn’t make it clear enough, Logitech G was happy to help out, with a hundred Logitech G gaming PCs set up for intense LAN gaming sessions. All of the action would also be showcased on a big screen not too far away, with a seating area and everything.

IGX 2018

Get your Cosplay on

IGX 2018

 Of course, no IGX is complete without cosplayers, and there were plenty about, early on, it was mostly PUBG, with a little bit of DotA 2 sprinkled in, but later on, we had the likes of Scarecrow and Joker and joining in among others.

IGX 2018

If gaming is something you enjoy and you’re looking to make a career of it, following IGX in the coming days during the Indiajoy, will be Unite and the NGDC (or the game developers conference), you might want to look into those. We are, of course, on ground, and will round up events of the day.

This particular IGX will go on till 8pm today (December 4, 2018), so if you’re reading this now, you can still make it! Make your way to HICC Hitex Hall 2 to get in on the action! Registry is free!



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