Indian eSports Championship introduces Café Warz in gaming competition

October 25, 2016 — by Skoar Harbinger0

Indian eSports Championship along with Neon Gaming Studio has introduced a 48 days long gaming championship called Café Warz, a city based competition where café owners come together with amateurs and professional gamers to battle it out. The final 2 teams will quality for the mega finals where the winning team will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3 lacs.

You can read the full press release below:

Indian eSports Championship strengthens the gaming eco-system

Indian-eSports-Championship-Café Warz

Indian eSports Championship, a brainchild of Essence Transmedia Pvt Ltd. And Neon Gaming Studio is set to break the cultural stereotype attached to the gaming industry in India.

While the championship has provided opportunities to amateurs and professionals gamers, it is also empowering casters by providing them an opportunity to practice their skills and driving niche jobs in esports gaming.

The 48 days long Championship localised the gaming competition by introducing Café Warz – a city based competition for the café owners and in its second phase, hosted a national level online gaming competition – The Uprising wherein 2 teams were qualified for the mega finals.

“With this initiative, we aim to create an enriching platform for the aspiring & talented gamers in India. We also plan to communicate to parents of players in esports on the scope of professional gaming and help them understand the range of cyber wellness issues that the youths face today.said Ashish Jain, Chief Development Officer of Essence Transmedia

Harsh Kothari, CEO and Founder of Neon Gaming Studio said ‘We are overwhelmed with the response received from the gaming industry. Gamers from across the country have converged onto this platform to display their skills and it has been an action-packed game so far”

Throughout the month of October, Indian eSport Championship is hosting a ground-breaking league playoff comprising of 64 teams. The 30 days long playoff is uniquely designed to shortlist 6 teams for the mega finale, Ground Zero which will be held in Mumbai. The electrifying event is set to be packed with tons of gaming action and entertainment.

The winning team will be rewarded a staggering cash prize of INR 3 lacs.



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