Here’s how you can go about modding Skyrim VR

April 9, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

So Skyrim VR is out, and at this point we’ve stop wondering when Bethesda will stop making Skyrim for anything and everything. Then we end up buying the damn game again anyway. Sigh. It’s a vicious cycle we tell you! Vicious!

Skyrim VR

Anyway, if you’re one of the few people reading this that actually own an Oculus Rift or a Vive, here’s a great excuse to jump back into Skyrim and slay dragons again. For the nth time. However, like with all Skyrim experiences, you’ll eventually get weary of vanilla Skyrim and its offerings. Which is where mods come. Lo and behold, there’s already mods that are working on Skyrim VR! And you can install them using the Nexus Mod Manager tool, or the Skyrim Nexus‘ newest mod management tool – Vortex.

Of course, you need to do a little tweaking in order to get the mods to work in Skyrim VR, but it’s nothing too complicated, and those who’ve fuddled around with mods in the past should have no problems. Reddit user tyrielwood has created a guide to get mods to for Skyrim VR.

The easiest way to go about modding your Skyrim VR would be to use the new tool, Vortex. It was released this February, and addresses many issues the Nexus Mod Manager faced. Keep in mind, Skyrim VR may not work with all mods. Heck, regular Skyrim still has issues for that matter. But otherwise, it’s still same old same old. Like Skyrim always is.



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