Heading to Unite India and NGDC 2017

November 7, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The NASSCOM Game Developers Conference (or NGDC 2017 in short) is one of India’s biggest annual conferences and this time around it’s being held in collaboration with Unite India, a gathering of Unity developers, artists, publishers, educators and enthusiasts, being held in India for the first time.

NGDC 2017

There’s a good lineup of sessions lined up at this year’s NASSCOM Game Developers Conference (NGDC) and Unite India 2017, with over 150 speakers, and over 50 showcases and workshops. You can expect to see a few game releases too.

Unite India will run from November 8 to November 9, while NGDC will run from November 9, through the weekend till Sunday, i.e. November 11.

We’ll lay down the schedules for both Unite India and NGDC below:

NGDC 2017

First up we have the Unite India schedule:

November 8

11:30 – Unity3D for Immersive Troop Training
12:00 – Modern game Development with Microsoft
15:30 – Mobile VR Development
16:00 – Unity to build VR/AR/MR and/or mobile projects
17:30 – design AR/VR apps effectively for Ed-Tech

November 9

10:00 – create cinematic sequences from scratch in Unity
11:00 – Immersive reality beyond Gaming Industry
11:30 – Making your own Sunday Morning Cartoon Show using Unity
12:00 – Native Video Playback
14:30 – VR in Education: Making Immersive Learning a Practical Reality
16:00 – C# for Technical Artists and Python developers, New 2D Features in Unity
17:00 – Holographic Asset Management and Machine Data Visualisation for the Industry 4.0

You can find the entire Unite India schedule here.

NGDC 2017

NGDC 2017 Schedule:

9th November

11:30 – Quest for the Magic Sauce: Things I wish somebody told me before I started building games
13:30 – Hard Surface Asset Creation.
Panel on Angel Investment: How does Angel investment Work.
Building Games for Japan.
Talent litmus: Psychometric Evaluation Game for recruitment and HR planning.
And more…
13:45 – Go small, go big or go indie? – Choosing what’s right for you – Panel Discussion
14:00 – Q&A session with Ian Maude Follow the Market: Predictions 2018
14:30 – Surfing on the Moon and Simplicity AMA: The Art of Designing Games.
Anatomy of Fun: Creating Stylized characters.
Evil Game Design Challenge.
Using Unreal engine and other tools in smaller teams to achieve high-quality graphics.
Optimization techniques for VR.
And more…
14:45 – Rebooting Cyberpunk: How we intend to do it
15:00 – The power of objects on gameplay.
Why hyper-casual games are dominating the app store charts?
Game Industry Trends & the impact on External Developments.
Career Opportunities in Game Production
16:00 – Storytelling With Game art
Indies Design and Money: How to connect the Dots
AR and VR based simulation for Defense Training
Introduction to ARKit/ARcore in Unity
And more…
16:15 – Why You should make Pong
16:30 – Crowdfunding Pitch
16:45 – Serious VC Interest is here, what’s changing in India? Rajesh Rao in a Fireside Chat with Vani Kola.
Tales from Game Designers: What we learned the hard way.
Designing a cricket Game in VR.
How to finish your game.
And more…
17:30 Character concepts to Render
How to grow ( revenue and users) in a super competitive market
Practical use of shaders in 2D games
And more…
18:30 BYOG and NGF Awards

There’s a lot more happening at the NGDC 2017 over the next few days. We couldn’t list everything here but you can find the entire schedule here.

We’ll be heading to Unite India and NGDC 2017, so keep an out on this space for more coverage.



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