Gamesbond introduces gaming videos on its website

May 2, 2016 — by Skoar Harbinger0

Gamesbond has introduced gameplay videos targeted towards gamers on its website. Broadly, two types of videos will be showcased on the platform i.e gameplay videos and the other format would be gaming videos, professionally created video content focused on the gaming genre.


You can read the full press release below: 

Gaming Videos on Gamesbond to power 100 MN game downloads
Aims to leverage the power of video to drive discovery of new mobile games

Gamesbond, the premium gaming destination from Mauj Mobile has now introduced gameplay videos for gamers. was launched in India in November 2015 and is a curated mobile gaming store for premium games. Overall Mauj mobile generates upwards of 65MM game downloads a year.

With the introduction of gaming videos, Gamesbond is taking a big step towards creating an immersive gamer centric experience for passionate mobile gamers. Broadly, 2 types of videos are showcased on the platform. Gameplay videos, which try to capture the actual gameplay involved in a specific game giving the user a realistic view of the game, which could be created by both gaming users and experts. The other format would be Gaming videos, professionally created video content focused on the gaming genre.

Globally, mobile gaming has become a spectator sport with 65 % of hardcore gamers watching live streams and 33% watching eSports. According to estimates by SuperData Research more than 134 million people worldwide watched eSports in 2015 and this audience is expected to grow to 188 MM by 2016. It is precisely for this reason that internet giants like Google and Amazon are directly investing in expanding gaming video content.

Badri Sanjeevi, Co-Founder & CEO, Mauj Mobile said, “In more mature gaming markets like the US, gaming has become a spectator sport with massive consumption around gameplay videos and eSports. A recent survey conducted by Gamesbond identified that as much as 21% of gamers decide the game to download and play based on game reviews including gameplay videos. Given the high level of overall video consumption in India we believe this trend will only escalate. The current game play videos inclusion and future releases will ride on this wave. “



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