Fortnite Valentine’s day event and Dark love ranger skin leaked

February 7, 2019 — by Nikhil "Nagobai" Nagvekar0

A Reddit user leaked some details of the upcoming Fortnite Valentine's Day event that includes new rewards to earn and new challenges to complete.

Fortinite Valentine's day 2018

After last weekend’s event of the Marshmello concert at Pleasant Park, Fortnite is about to come up with another holiday event for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Last year, Fortnite had introduced a Love Ranger skin, however, this time it will be a reconditioned Dark Ranger skin. According to the leaked image, the skin still has the same stone cupid look though this time the eyes are glowing purple with lines running throughout it. Moreover, the whole body (including face) of the stone cupid is covered with glowing purple cracks.

Dark Ranger Skin
Leaked Dark Ranger skin

According to the leaked information by Reddit user u/Shwubblz, there appears to be a set of daily Dark Cupid challenges that can be completed along with new cosmetic items like the Dark Ranger Skin. Shwubblz also said, “It is a challenge bundle with different sets. 4 daily challenges, 5 then 6 then 7 – so maybe a themed pickaxe or back bling with the challenges”. This clearly indicates that the number of challenges could apparently increase each day. The leaked files were found to be originally located in a folder named ChallengeBundleSchedule which also accommodates Tomatohead and Skull Trooper. This lead to many people believing that the new skin needs to be purchased by those who don’t already have last year’s Ranger’s skin.

That being said, the new update also added weapons like Bottle Rockets which need to be placed on the ground by the player after which he/she can fire continuous arks at their specified location. The Bottle Rockets work in automatic continuous succession, thus allowing players to keep moving around without having to monitor or control the rocket manually.

Fortnite Bottle Rockets
Fortnite Bottle Rockets

Fortnite is a cross-platform supported game currently available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch gaming consoles.

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