Fortnite stream crosses 1 million concurrent viewers

March 27, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Yesterday, a Fortnite stream hosted on YouTube hit 1.1 million concurrent viewers. We know. What is the world coming to right? Just kidding.

Fortnite stream

As everybody knows by now, the Fortnite stream featuring Drake when he played with popular Twitch streamer Ninja made headlines around the world. The pair accumulated over 630,000 concurrent viewers during their stream, breaking the previous record in the process.

The previous record was held by Dr. Disrespect, who made a come back after leaving the platform last year. Prior to that, the record was held by League of Legends streamer Tyler1 who also made a comeback. However, both of them were below the 400,000 viewer count.

The Fortnite stream was held in Spanish and featured many popular Spanish YouTubers, of which there are a lot, who stream the game on their own respective channels. In fact, a large majority the top ten most subscribed channels on YouTube are dominated by creators from outside America, and mostly Spanish speaking.

The organiser of the #YTBattleRoyale, elrubiusOMG, boasts a massive 28 million subscribers of his own. It was he who organised the whole event and his channel that hosted the 1.1 million viewers. Of course, this isn’t accounting for the YouTubers in the game itself who were also streaming. We wonder how much the total viewer count is if we consider every single streamer.

You can watch the whole thing here if you’ve got 3 and a half hours to spare and understand Spanish.



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