Fortnite down: update 5.40.2 on the way [Updated]

September 11, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Fortnite servers are down for maintenance as Epic Games bring in new patch releases. [Update]: The game servers are back up.

Fortnite down

The patch, going by 5.40.2 doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, and is simply looking to fix some major bugs and issues in the game. Epic’s dev team has not confirmed for how long the servers would be down. We don’t see any patch notes yet either. But what we do know from Epic Games is that it’s simply meant to “fix a few issues and is separate from the v5.40 Content Update”.

Fans are expecting a big content drop for the game but 5.40.2 will not be bringing any of that. Epic doesn’t really bring the game down for content updates, so when the new content hits, it’s most likely that the game will be up by then, however, for the maintenance and the bug fixes separate from the content patch, Fortnite servers have been brought down.

The downtime began at 2 AM ET (12:30PM IST) and the servers are expected to come up before 2:30 PM (IST) for us.

As Epic Games doesn’t usually bring Fortnite servers down during content update releases, naturally, things have been chaotic.

The Save the World mode was confirmed to be getting a few fixes with patch 5.40.2 as well, with certain perks not working well among other things.



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