Former Entity Gaming coach Anthony “Scantzor” Hodgson claims he was fired without warning, severance

October 30, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

After the recent Optic Gaming scandal, SEA esports is being hit with yet another scandal, this time surrounding Indian esports team Entity Gaming, the GESC and Phillipine corporation Mineski.

It all began when former Entity Gaming coach Scantzor took to Twitter, Reddit and Medium to report on the his experiences with SEA esports in the past two years. We have to say, it paints a very grim picture.

Notice that we said former here, this is because Scantzor, along with 4 other players on Entity Gaming’s roster were supposedly “let go” and the team was disbanded. The problem arises in the fact that all of the team members, Scant included, were under a yearlong contract with Entity, but were let go just two months into the contract. And to make things worse, it appears, as said by Scant in his article on Medium, that none of the members received any kind of forewarning about being fired and have received no severance after they were let go. As said by Scantz in the article, ” When I inquired about severance, I was told in no uncertain terms that the organization did not consider itself to owe us anything. Severance, they said, applies to employees who have been working for a company for a long time and since we’d only recently started we wouldn’t be eligible.” In fact, according to Scant, they were forced to sign forms declaring that Entity had paid them everything they were owed, despite the opposite being true.

The following players were “let go” from Entity’s roster this October (2018).

Entity Gaming Roster

Below is the part of contract, as claimed by Scantz, which points out to a required 30 days of prior notice before being terminated.

Entity Gaming contract

After the post received traction on Reddit, Entity Gaming addressed the claims made by Anthony “Scantzor” Hodgson. Entity’s Team Manager addressed several of Scantz’s claims on reddit, and also brought up a different issue regarding problems Entity Gaming was facing surrounding their roster. According to Entity’s Team Manager, Siddhant Joshi, it was the older squad that had been let go, with two out of five of those players being retained. They had finalized on four players in the new squad but they were having trouble finding a fifth. It was during this time that Siddhant was in talks with Black^, who, according  to Siddhant, Scantz apparently had a problem with and refused to work with. As reported by Siddhant, Black^ caught Scantz talking s#!t about him behind his back which resulted in him declining Entity’s offer.

“Bad mouthing a potential recruit over discord in front of all his teammates is enough grounds to get fired for a professional coach.”

In response to Scantz’s claims about being asked to sign forms claiming that they had been paid when they actually hadn’t, Siddhant said, “We made them sign this AFTER all their dues were cleared. The forms also included an NDA which is conveniently being broken here.”

Siddhant added a TL:DR at the end of this response with emphasis on three points,

  • “I let him go because he sabotaged my roster and spoilt our relationship with a potential recruit.
  • The contract never mentioned a severance package and we still gave him 15 days salary as goodwill.
  • None of my players ever felt unsafe under my care. My players can attest to this.”

You can read his full response here.

It should be noted that if the member was indeed not forewarned in this situation before being sacked, it does look like Entity is in the wrong here, and Siddhant doesn’t seem to have addressed that issue in his response. But we still don’t have concrete details.

Things are still heated and far from resolved but this was just the Entity Gaming side of things, Scantz had more to say about GESC and some especially grim things about about the Mineski corporation, you can read about all of it in his article. It gives some insight into the state of esports in SEA (South East Asia) and while we can’t know for sure if the claims are true or not, unless everyone responds (at least Entity did), these things would remain in the dark. We’re yet to know which side of the story is accurate, as more details come out we’ll know.



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