For Honor hints at Assassin’s Creed crossover with a teaser

December 20, 2018 — by Nikhil "Nagobai" Nagvekar0

Ubisoft’s For Honor teased an Assassin’s Creed crossover that will be announced on December 20 at 10:30 pm IST.

A brief video was teased on the official For Honor twitter account with a caption “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. For the uninformed, this is the official motto of Assassin’s Creed. The video featured references to the Animus from the Assassin’s Creed games, the Abstergo Industries logo and various logos from For Honor. At the end of the video was a message which said, “Full reveal on Dec. 20 at 12 PM EST on The Warrior’s Den live stream!”.

Assassin's Creed

The Warrior’s Den is a weekly live stream held by the developers of For Honor to share frequent updates of the game with fans. The stream itself can be viewed on the official For Honor Twitch account. Details surrounding the crossover, whether it will be a small crossover simply involving Assassin’s Creed-inspired costumes or a relatively bigger one like an Assassin’s Creed character joining a battle in For Honor, is not yet known.

Assassin’s Creed Origins received an official For Honor Gear Pack earlier this year, so it’s not unlikely for the same to happen in For Honor. Additionally, a crossover could work out pretty well because both games are inspired by historical time periods.



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