Final Fantasy XV Mods are here – performance fixes first

March 13, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

If you hadn’t noticed, Final Fantasy XV is now on PC. You can even play a demo for free and you can download it off of Steam, Origin and the Microsoft Store. One of the many perks of being on PC, is of course, mods. Yes, Final Fantasy XV mods! You need only look at Skyrim, 7 years old now but still going strong thanks to a thriving modding community. It’s also probably the reason Bethesda keeps porting the game to just about anything they can.

Final Fantasy XV mods

Anyway, speaking of Final Fantasy XV mods, the first one is a performance enhancing mod. Which is great, because this game is pretty beefy, which you would know if you played the console release last year. They’ve only improved on the graphics since and added more content. Since the game is a port, and ports are known to come with a host of issues, anything to help with performance is great. Reportedly, the Final Fantasy XV PC port isn’t a mess and there aren’t too many game-breaking issues. The person behind the enhancement mod is Kaldaien, who also helped improve performance on NieR: Automata, which had issues with its PC port. This also means, he knows what he’s doing.

According to him, the game’s long load times and hitches during heavy texture streaming are most probably due to the SteamAPI than Denuvo. He noticed the game hitching whenever you switched between using keyboard/mouse and a controller. So say you were playing the game on your controller, then pressed a button on the keyboard, you would experience a hitch. And vice versa.

He has developed a special mod framework, he calls Special K, which is capable of working around this. You can download Special K, along with instructions on how to do so, over here.



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