Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft’s fastest selling Far Cry game

April 9, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Far Cry 5’s a big hit with gamers, and the numbers show. Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling title in the history of the Far Cry franchise, and also their second biggest game launch ever, behind The Division.

Far Cry 5

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should get the game, you can check out our PC and Xbox One reviews for Far Cry 5 to help you make your mind.

Within the first week, Far Cry 5 has sold more than double that of Far Cry 4’s first week. Ubisoft revealed that Far Cry 5 brought in $310 million in the first week, and while they haven’t specified exact numbers, investment firm Jefferies Group estimates that the game has sold around five million copies in its first week.

Ubisoft revealed a host of other interesting tidbits of info and fun stuff along with the numbers which you read on their blog here.

Far Cry 5 is also seeing a lot of popularity on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, with over 55,000 hours clocked on Twitch and over 117 million views on YouTube. Both of which are records for Ubisoft.



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