Fallout 4’s Pip Boy is real and included in the Collector’s Edition

June 15, 2015 — by Kishore "TechieMonkey" Ganesh


Bethesda will pack a wearable Pip Boy in the Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition that you can slot your iPhone into.

While revealing details about the newest Fallout game at a pre-E3 Conference, Bethesda announced that the Pip Boy is going to be included in Fallout 4’s Collector’s Edition. Fallout 4, the next installment in the classic series, was revealed a few days earlier through a trailer and a gameplay footage was also showcased at E3.

The Pip Boy is a steampunk-esque Smartwatch that acts like a second-screen in the games, and in the Collector’s Edition, such a contraption is packed in the box. All you need to do is to slot the phone into it, fire up the companion app and wear it on your wrist, giving you information at a glance.

It is exclusive to the Collector’s Edition, but the companion apps are accessible without it. Fans of the series who want their very own Pip Boy can pre-order the Collector’s Edition soon, which costs $119 (Rs. 7,300 approx.). Bethesda warns that stocks are very limited, and those who are interested should order soon.

Fallout 4 itself is coming out on November 10.

Image Source: IGN



Kishore "TechieMonkey" Ganesh