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Epic Games sues two Fortnite Streamers over promoting cheating software

Epic Games has filed a suit against two game streamers/YouTubers for posting videos of cheats in Fortnite. Additionally, they also directed viewers on purchasing the tools they could use to replicate those cheats. The streamer in question is Brand “Golden Modz” Lucas, who is being sued for violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, breach of contract, and “tortious interference.” Colton “Excentric” Conter, who often appears in Lucas’ streams has also been named in the suit.

Epic Games

Epic is requesting that Lucas and Conter’s earnings be disgorged, i.e, they want an extra share of the profits since they were obtained unjustly. This in addition to damages and court costs. They have also, naturally, been asked to pull several videos off of YouTube. It should be noted though, Epic Games has plenty of money, so the stringent suit appears to be solely to send a message to cheaters.

As justification, Lucas has said that other streamers were doing similar behaviors, so he didn’t think what he was doing was problematic.

Just like it is with PUBG, cheating has been a big problem for Fortnite. Epic also has to deal with several phishing schemes where sites claim to give away versions of Fortnite which are cheat enabled. They recently acquired an anti-cheat company to this end, beefing up their anti-cheat mechanisms. Hopefully, stronger anti-cheat mechanisms should discourage streamers from promoting cheats in the game.

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