Leaked email reveals For Honor open beta dates [Update]

February 1, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

A For Honor open beta from February 9th to 12th might be coming your way according to an alleged leaked email to Ubisoft's Twitch Prime followers

The For Honor closed beta ended just a day ago. Despite a few issues – some people couldn’t get the thing running at all – the overall sentiment seems to be positive. However, if an alleged Twitch Prime email leak on NeoGAF is legit, you might just get a For Honor open beta before the  game officially launches.

For Honor is based in a medieval setting, where Samurais, Knights and Vikings duke it out. It makes use of a unique combat style wherein you have to match stances, in an attempt to simulate combat more realistically. Ubisoft calls this the ‘Art of Battle’, where each weapon should feel like an extension of your body. Each race has a choice of “generals” or classes for you to choose from, with each general having their own pros and cons.

For Honor open beta

The leaked email was intended to be a means to inform followers about up-and-coming events around For Honor by Ubisoft and Twitch. The email mentions the For Honor open beta along with an upcoming livestream for the 7th Feb. The livestream will supposedly feature twelve celebrities playing as the various “generals” within the game.

“February 9th-12th is the Open beta, where you can pledge your sword to Knights, Vikings, or Samurai, then fight for your faction alongside your favorite generals!” it says. The post also mentions that Twitch Prime users will get special in-game loot, ten-day Champion status and an exclusive United Factions emblem when the game launches.

None of this is confirmed yet but if it is indeed accurate, the open beta is coming just a week before the official game launch, which is on the 14th of February. This means there probably won’t be too many differences between the beta test and the actual game when it does launch. So this For Honor open beta would be more like a demo than a test.

Update: Ubisoft has confirmed that the For Honor open beta will indeed take place from February 9 to 12. The open beta will also include Elimination mode in addition to the already present Dominion, Brawl, and Duel modes that were available during the closed beta. Elimination mode will have four-on-four battles in a best-of-five series with no respawns.

The War of the Factions between the Vikings, Knights and Samurai will continue in the open beta. The Vikings had led the war with 24 territories during the closed beta, with the Knights closely behind them at 21 territories and the Samurais coming in last with 15.



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