Dota 2’s The International 2019 will stream live on SonyLIV in regional languages

August 19, 2019 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

NODWIN Gaming and on-demand streaming platform SonyLIV are both collaborating to bring the world’s biggest gaming tournament, the Dota 2 ‘The International 2019’, live to SonyLIV.

The International 2019

What makes this stream offering different from watching the stream on existing platforms, like Twitch for example, is that the tournament will also be streamed in Hindi and Tamil. This makes this the world’s first regional broadcasting of a global esports tournament.

The Dota 2 TI, or The International 2019 is currently sitting on a prize pool of over 33 million USD, that’s over a whopping 230 crores, making it the largest esports prize pool to date.

The International is a massive tourney that is the culmination of the almost year-long DPC, or the Dota Pro Circuit, with the best teams from around the world vying for the top prize, a big chunk of that massive prize pool. At the end, only 18 teams will make it to the group stages to compete for the trophy.

The stream on SonyLIV covered the group stages, which took place from 15th to 18th August. The main event will take place between August 20-25. To catch the tournament live, you’ll need to head to SonyLIV via their website or app starting 6:30am.



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