Dishonored 2 Is Officially Released After Reported Leak

June 15, 2015 — by Abhilash "potatoboy" Pavuluri0


Bethesda has announced the sequel to Dishonored, breathing life into the steampunk environment-based game. According to a report by Kotaku, the company did a poor job of keeping the secret when they accidentally broadcasted about Dishonored 2 to Bethesda’s Twitch stream. The game lets you choose between two players – Emily Kaldwin, the main protagonist, and Corvo Attano, her guardian and protagonist of the first Dishonored. The game features stealth-based gameplay, involves a combination of sword fighting and spell-casting, much like in the first game.

The trailer is a fast paced one filled with action and shows Emily running around the kingdom, parkouring amid turmoil in the kingdom,arriving at the home of the villain and fighting clockwork robots with Steampunk-like gadgets. Dishonored 2 has no official release date but is being released on PS4, Xbox One and the PC. Bethesda will also be releasing the Dishonored Definite Edition that contains the first game along with DLCs. The new release will have graphics enhancements for new generation consoles as well.

Source: Ars Technica



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