Discord vs Twitch App: A new challenger approaches

August 11, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Discord recently got new video chat and screen sharing features which went live for a select five percent of its users sometime yesterday. Meanwhile, Twitch has officially launched the Twitch App, their own gaming community client.

Twitch App

What is Discord?

For those of you who live under a rock and haven’t heard about Discord, it is THE go to client for gaming communities around the world right now. It’s the client of choice for communications trumping the likes of Skype and Google easily.

Discord announced the testing of these new features on their blog. Five percent of registered users were randomly selected to roll-out the features too.

Twitch App

Their reasoning for rolling it out to only five percent is because the bandwidth required for video is significantly more than what’s required for voice-only. Also, it’s still in a testing phase, so bugs and such will be present. They want to fix issues as best they can before rolling it out to the public.

“We’re doing this test to see how our servers handle the increase in bandwidth (alternatively, we could launch it for everybody today and most likely nuke our own servers and then nobody gets to use it. Riveting)!”

However, you don’t have to be one of the five percent to be able to use the features. While you won’t be able to initiate video calls, those who are in the five percent can make a video call to you. But again, Discord says they’re still testing so it’s very likely that you’ll run into bugs and such.

Discord plans to wait at least a month before full launch, once they’re sure the servers can handle the bandwidth.

The Twitch App

Twitch App

Now on the other end of the spectrum, Twitch has released their own desktop app which looks like it does just about everything Discord does.

According to Twitch, the app will cover everything from “streams to memes”. It will also have voice, and video call – a feature Discord just recently implemented – functionality.

Like Discord, the Twitch app will feature community servers as well. These servers will be up 24×7 with both text and voice rooms. Followers of streamers can join these rooms and hang out even when the streamer is offline. This is sounding more and more like Discord by the minute.

Unlike Discord, the video call feature on the Twitch is already fully functional.


The Twitch Desktop App is customisable to a degree and supports add-ons from the CurseForge modding community. There’s also a “Dark Mode,” which is basically a low-intensity screen mode which is easier on the eyes. We’re sure frequent redditors and 9gaggers are already familiar with the concept.

If you frequent Twitch, it sounds like you will definitely want this app. However, the other services it provides clearly also makes it competition to Discord since their offerings overlap. If streamers began to prefer the Twitch App over Discord, it’s very likely that their fans will follow but this is only speculation at this point. We’ll just have to see how it pans out as both Twitch and Discord expand their services.

You can download the Twitch App here.



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