CS:GO has gotten over 24,000 negative reviews since going f2p

December 12, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

CS:GO going free to play was very out-of-the-blue. Yes, you read that right, CS:GO is now free to play, and this happened alongside the announcement for a battle royale mode for the game called Danger Zone.

From early reactions, it would seem that people are not very happy about this change. Just on the day of the announcement itself, the game saw over 14,000 negative reviews. Since then, over the next few days it has had over 10,000 more negative reviews.

The reviews however don’t seem to have an issue with the battle royale mode. We actually gave the battle royale mode a few runs and we thought it was alright. The majority of the issues seem to stem from the free to play model. Naturally, players who spent money on the game are unhappy that the game is now free to play. They’re especially unhappy that all they got for it was a badge, some saying that they should’ve gotten exclusive skins. The other issue that players think the game going free-to-play means there will be an influx of cheaters and hackers, something we pointed out when we first mentioned the game going free to play. A lot of people are demanding a refund due to this. Steam’s pretty strict about its refund schemes though, so fat chance.

Another issue of note among the negative reviews is Prime matchmaking. Prime matchmaking for those wondering, was initially limited to those who had linked their mobile phones and had acquired a rank of 21 in-game. Now, if you owned the game prior to it going free to play, you automatically get bumped to Prime.

The thing is, despite the influx of negative reviews, the game also got about half that value in positive reviews on the same day. Also, the peak player count was sitting at around 750k, which is the highest it has been for CS:GO in almost two years. That statistic probably speaks for itself if you were questioning Valve’s decision in this situation.

Is it dead? Far from it.



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