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The Cooler Master Challenger Series – Season 1

Drag2Death, Cooler Master, Seagate and Amazon India bring you India’s first community-based event for CS:GO – The Cooler Master Challenger Series.

Indian multi-platform service provider Drag2Death, have associated with Cooler Master, Seagate and Amazon India to bring you India’s first community based competitive event for Counter Strike: Global Offensive – The Cooler Master Challenger Series. The matches will be streamed live on YouTube and Amazon and will feature a new feature called CTMK, or Challenge the Mighty King. Find out more in the Press Release below.

Cooler Master Challenger Series

Find the complete Press Release below:

Cooler Master Challenger Series – Season 1

To kick-start this year, Cooler Master India has some great news for all the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams across India. Cooler Master India in association with Seagate,, and Drag2Death presents India’s first Community-based competitive event starting from 11th March 2017 called “Cooler Master Challenger Series – Season 1“.

The Cooler Master Challenger Series brings in a new concept called CTMK better known as “Challenge the Mighty King” where a Challenger team is chosen through the community voting system to compete with the top team called “Mighty King”. CTMK is played between top 8 teams which are chosen from an Open Online Qualifier. The Winner of the Open Qualifier becomes the “Mighty King” for the first time. Week over week new Challengers emerge to take on the Mighty King. Hence, the Mighty King has to win every Bo3 weekly match in order to retain the top position and remain the Mighty King. As long as a team retains its top position they win cash and other cool goodies on a weekly basis.

The Cooler Master Challenger Series is not just a treat to the gamers but also has some exciting goodies and giveaways for the viewers as well. These could be won by participating in the weekly Twitter and YouTube contests. Those who cast their vote for the Challenger series also stand a chance to win exciting gift hampers in multiple Lucky Draws! There is also a Frag Video Contest for all the CS:GO Frag movie-makers out there! Check out the Prizes & Giveaways section on the website. More information regarding prizes and giveaways will be revealed on the event website.

The weekly matches will be casted live on Cooler Master India YouTube page and website.

Phase I.
CS:GO Open Online Qualifier will be conducted amongst 128 teams on Drag2Death Tournament Servers. The winner of the Open Qualifier is called “Mighty King” for the first week. The remaining 7 teams from the top 8 will be nominated in a community based voting system where a Challenger team will be selected based on the maximum number of unique votes they receive. Voting system will be available by 14th March 2017, immediately after the completion of Open Qualifier.

Phase II.
Every Sunday at 7:00 PM IST, a Challenger elected by the community will take on the Mighty King in a Best-of-three (Bo3) match to become the Mighty King. This will be conducted for 12 weeks and every week there will be a different Challenger team elected by the community. The team which wins the maximum weekly battles will be crowned as the ‘THE ULTIMATE MIGHTY KING‘ and will win additional prizes.

Rules. [Additional Rules apply, please check Rules page]
Any team that loses a Challenger Match will receive a 4 weeks cool-down and after 4 weeks they can be elected by the community via voting system. Since every week one loser will get a cool-down, chances are good for other teams to get elected.
If a team gets a second chance and loses again, then that team gets eliminated from the Challenger Series.
If a team wins the voting but doesn’t show up, then the team with the 2nd highest number of votes will be elected as the new Challenger Team. The team that doesn’t show up will still remain as a Challenger Team, but if they are elected again then they will have one map disadvantage.
If a team doesn’t show up for the second time, then that team will be disqualified from the Challenger Series.

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