Conan Exiles pirated after developers accidentaly drop DRM

February 6, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Pirates were quick to release a DRM-free version of Conan Exiles after developers Funcom accidentally dropped DRM on a build of the game.

The new survival game on the block that everyone’s talking about, Conan Exiles got pirated. However, they weren’t hacked or anything. Turns out the developers – Funcom – actually “temporarily removed” Denuvo due to an error in the build process.

Conan Exiles

A follow-up update was released soon after to restore Denuvo. But, the damage was already done and pirates had already made away with a DRM-free version of the game. People can play this version for free on private servers. However, keep in the mind that is an early access game, and very far from finished. The pirated version of the game will receive no updates and will be stuck in a state of perpetual early access.

Here’s what Funcom had to say:
“There is unfortunately not much we can do about those who choose to download and play unauthorised copies, but we hope they make the jump to the official version so they can stay up to date with the latest patches and improvements. Being an Early Access title, there will be a lot of updates going forward!”

When it comes to anti-piracy tech the first name that comes to mind is Denuvo. Once, cracking a game used to be a matter of hours or a few days, and in some cases, even minutes! Thanks to Denuvo though it became a matter of weeks and months.

While this instance was because of a folly on the developer’s part, recent times have not been too good for Denuvo. Resident Evil VII was cracked in just about 5 days. Rise of Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Doom were also all recently cracked over the past few months.

Many developers have patched Denuvo out of their games. However, Denuvo have responded to that claiming those instances have nothing to do with cracks but rather with Denuvo having accomplished its purpose of preventing the game from being hacked during initial sales.

So no, Conan Exiles has not been cracked, but there is a DRM-free version of the game that’s free to play on private servers. In a state of early-access forever might we add.



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