Buy CS:GO for Rs 159 at NovaPlay Lock-N-Load Sale

August 11, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

NovaPlay Launches The NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale coming this Independence Day, prepare yourself from some amazing deals!

NovaPlay, a gaming platform for multiplayer gaming communities in India, is coming up with some special offers for gamers all over the country this Independence Day. Dubbed “The NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale – Independence Day Edition”, NovaPlay is offering some enticing deals to gamers in celebration of our 70th Independence Day.

The Lock-n-Load Sale will be a three day sale which will begin on the 15th of August and last till the 17th of August.


NovaPlay offers popular game titles on their site at what could arguably be the best price in the country. Come this Independence Day, NovaPlay is planning to up their offering to customers with an additional 20% cashback on all purchases across the store.

“We are delighted to launch the Independence Day edition of the NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale,” commented Amitesh Rao, CEO, NovaPlay, on the occasion of Independence Day. “The sale is a part of our thoughtful endeavour to double the joy of the gaming aficionado thus offering them an opportunity to explore and experience games at never seen before prices in India. NovaPlay has always endeavoured to create memorable experiences for the gamers and will continue to take such efforts in the future.”

Some of the deals which will be offered during the NovaPlay Lock-n-Load sale include Counter Strike: Global Offensive at just Rs.159, Steam Wallets at a cumulative 40% discount from MRP, GTA V at Rs.1759, and Doom at Rs.1999! These prices are truly low, lower than even Steam Sales.

NovaPlay provides a platform for gamers to unite, be able to purchase and download games and other content, and actively take part in gaming tournaments and events. By partnering with Valve, ESL, and OML, NovaPlay aims to offer the best possible experience for gaming enthusiasts in the country.

As long as they keep the discounts going, Indian gamers won’t be complaining anytime soon.



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