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Bethesda’s Creation Club downloads all mods that are on it

If the fact that paid mods exist wasn’t bad enough, Bethesda’s Creation Club also downloads all mods on it to your system, whether you want them or not

If you guys weren’t already aware – we’re assuming a lot of you already own Skyrim and Fallout 4 so you are aware – Bethesda’s Creation Club is live. And it looks like people are not really happy about it. At all. Why? Well, for one thing, paid mods. Oh and then there’s the part where it downloads every mod that’s on it, whether you want the mod or not.

Creation Club

It’s been reported that every mod on the Creation Club automatically gets downloaded to your hard drive alongside any game patches, bug-fixes etc. And this happens regardless of whether you want to buy/unlock the mods or not. But don’t be mistaken, while the mod files are getting downloaded onto your system, you still can’t use those mods until you actually pay for them in the Creation Club.

You basically already have everything downloaded on your hard drive and you gain access to the content when you pay for it on the Creation Club. Understandably, people are pissed about this. Since its implementation, recent Fallout 4 reviews on Steam have gone from Mostly Positive to Overwhelmingly Negative.

While right now the Creation Club’s catalogue of mods isn’t a lot and doesn’t take up a lot of space – roughly 600 to 700 MB right now – when the list eventually does grow, you can’t really expect users to download and keep tens of GB of unusable content on their PCs.

If the list ever grows to become as huge as say the selection on Nexus Mods (that’s thousands of GB worth of mods, and that’s just for Skyrim) we’re going to have some serious space problems. So yeah, this better be something Bethesda overlooked and will fix soon.

Community Manager Cartogriffi has already said that they’re “working on solutions that” won’t require “Creation Club archives to be part of the game’s patch.”

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