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July 24, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Board games are a lot of fun, card games are lot of fun. So if you COMBINE the two you should theoretically get double the fun! Okay yea, that was kinda cheesy. But on the plus side, we weren’t kidding about the combining part.

So if you’re looking for an Role Playing Game driven board game and/or card game and/or both, look no further!

Fakedice have gone ahead and combined a card game and a board game to create a card-board (hehe) game. and they call it, DICETINY, The Lord of the Dice.

DICETINY The Lord of the Dice.

To give you a background, Fakedice is a studio based in South Korea – a country famous for its love of gaming and all things Starcraft (they’re veering more towards Overwatch as of late though). Fakedice are one of those rare few Korean game devs who have released all of their titles, including this one, on Steam. A surprising step considering the fact that Steam isn’t too big in South Korea.

The card-board game DICETINY is set in the fantasy world of Middle Board, where powerful monsters and their minions reign supreme. Take on the role of hero as you set out to defeat the evil villain Dead Serious and save Middle Board from the oncoming apocalypse! This Card-boiled Tabletop RPG is full up to the brim with parodies and references.

Progress through an epic tale as you throw your die and whip out your cards wisely. Make use of flashy spells such as the legendary magic missile, and summon minions to aid you on your arduous journey. Collect increasingly powerful cards as you journey to build and improve on your deck. So what are you waiting for? Begin your quest to become the Lord of the Dice now!

DICETINY is available for Windows and Mac, and is now available on Steam!




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