Perks are finally making their way into Battlefield

August 7, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Perks have been a thing in the Battlefield series for ages. All the way up to Battlefield: Hardline, the title right before the most recent Battlefield. For some reason they weren’t implemented in Battlefield. Until now that is. Perks are finally making their way into Battlefield.


Developer DICE mentioned in a reddit post the various specialisation are soon coming to the Community Test Environment (CTE) on PC. From the post you can tell that the specialisations vary quite a bit from each other. There’s the usual standard perks which increase sprint speed, reduce explosive damage, etc. All pretty standard stuff. But then there’s unique ones, like one which makes downed allies near you drop smoke grenades to give you an easier time reviving them.

Each player will be able to choose three from a list of seven specialisations, and two class-specific specialisations. So each player will actively be able to run five specialisations, which they will choose from a pool of 15.

To start off with, everyone will have access to the same three generic specialisations, which are, decreased damage from explosives, reduced suppression and quicker health regeneration. As you complete Service Assignments you will unlock more specialisations. However, all of the perks will be unlocked on the CTE right from the start.

So if you’ve got a favourite class, you can read up on the post for more details on their specialisations. And if you want to sign up for the CTE, you can do so here.



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