Gearbox’s MOBA Shooter Battleborn is now free to play

June 7, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

After the rumours back in September that Gearbox's MOBA shooter was going free to play, Battleborn is now free to play or playable as a "free trial".

You guys remember Battleborn? MOBA Shooter? Kind of like Overwatch? Released around the same time? No? Yea, we thought as much. Call it bad luck but the game didn’t really have much of a chance against Overwatch, hell it wasn’t even able to compete with Paladins for that matter, simply because it had a price tag attached to it. Buuut, it looks like it may have a chance to rise from the ashes. Why? Battleborn is now free to play.

What they announced was a tad different from “we’re going free-to-play”. What they’re calling it is a “free trial”. But with no time limit or level caps… Sounds very free-to-play to us. You get access to all the gameplay modes and maps in the “free trial”. The heroes will be on a weekly rotation of 6 a week, but your account progression on each hero is permanent. So you can pick up where you left off if the hero comes back into the rotation or you unlock it. You can unlock heroes you like using the currency you earn in-game or with real money using the premium platinum currency.

Other stuff you can unlock using the in-game currency or the premium platinum currency includes cosmetic stuff, i.e, hero skins and taunts. Gear packs – yes you can equip gear to heroes in this game. XP and Loot boosters, which is a given. Then you’ve got the loadouts and bank pages which are customisable for each hero.

Battleborn is now free to play

Additionally, you can purchase story operations with in-game currency as well, bit-by-bit or as a whole, as part of the Season Pass bundle. If you happen to purchase the game or choose to “upgrade” to the full game, as they call it, you’ll be refunded all of the credits you spent otherwise on heroes and duplicate in-game content.

But that’s not all, to address the influx of new players, Gearbox is adding a separate queue for new players. Smart move Gearbox. We hopefully won’t have to worry about getting queued up against higher levelled players with way better gear. *cough* For Honor *cough*. They’re calling it the “Novice Queue”. Players will remain in the Novice Queue till they hit Command Rank 20.

The game, while listed as free to play on Steam, can still be purchased as a DLC for about Rs. 500/-. But it’s not free-to-play as Pitchford insists. It’s a free trial. Unlimited free trial. Where you can purchase all the content in the game with in-game currency. Well, okay then. Free trial it is.



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