Assassins Creed Origins factions will engage in skirmishes

August 3, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

If you were following E3 this year then you’ve probably heard about Assassins Creed Origins. You would also know that it’s set in Egypt and looks pretty large in scale. There’s going to be a huge open world to explore and it’ll, of course, be full of NPCs. NPCs who will apparently do their own thing and engage in faction wars with other NPCs. That’s right, Assassins Creed Origins factions will have frequent skirmishes and mini-wars around the map. Oh, but they’ll hug it out if they’re on good terms like friends normally would when they saw each other on the street.

Assassins Creed Origins factions

“There are quite a few different factions in the world, and keep in mind that these factions are really living in the world,” creative director Ashraf Ismail says. “We don’t have anything that is a spawned event, you know, ‘because you’re 50 metres away we’re going to spawn this fight here for you.’ These are NPCs that have a schedule, that have an agenda, that criss-cross paths, and if they happen to be enemies they’ll fight, if they happen to be allies they’ll hug each other. So this is really the world living.”

Known Assassins Creed Origins factions so far:

As of right now, we know of three factions. We’ve got the Rebels, the faction our MC or main character frequently works with. Then we’ve got the Ptolemies, the Egyptian law enforcement if you will. And finally, there’s the Bandits. Self-explanatory faction that. Also, they don’t get along with the Ptolemies, which is again, self-explanatory.

Assassins Creed Origins factions

Players are free to join in on any skirmishes they see unfolding before them. Or you know, they could not, and just send out their trusty eagle friend to keep an eye on things while they wait the skirmish out. What’s important is the player gets to decide how to go about next.

Assassin’s Creed Origins has spent a good deal of time in development, considering there was no release since Syndicate, so we’ve high hopes for Ubisoft’s return to the open-world assassination format.



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